Introducing Charles Burnett III

22 May 2017 |

Charles R. Burnett III has been involved in a number of different business ventures as their CCS, taking him to work in Germany, UK, Holland, Sweden (not so much work), Canada & back to the US.

His preferred title of Chief Curiosity Stirrer has taken him through a number of profitable businesses ( & a few not so) including Los Locos Restaurants, Smiling Jack's Marina & Prins Autogas Conversions.  

He has had a fascination with tanks & things mechanical from a young age, probably inherited from his father, a fine Virginia gentleman whose hobby was restoring Hudson cars to include the addition of a foldaway whiskey bar in the rear seat.

Charles has been included in the Guinness book of world records twice. Once was for an Offshore Power Boat world speed record of 137.23 MPH set on Lake Windermere in the UK. The second time was due to his driving through the 102 year old world steam car record of 127 MP to a peak speed of 168.95 MPH at Edwards air force base, outrunning various F-15's & T-38's in the process.

His primary residence is here in Houston although he frequently returns to the UK as it is the only place he can legally drive his tank collection on the open road. Click Here To Learn More.

His latest project involves integrating the firearms training centers in Houston with the training & recreational opportunities at an 11,000-acre Hunting and Helicopter Ranch under development in New Mexico and Colorado. 

Although no longer actively hunting, having acquired a steady girlfriend for some years now, he still shares a true love of sport shooting. His current interest is in rifles whose bore exceeds 30 mm for which he has developed a cucumber-sabot round verified to reach distances of 4 to 500 meters without key-holing.

Charles is looking forward to hearing from members and patrons alike how we can best add to our training offerings so that we can strive for a well armed, multi-legged, VR conversant shooter, whether they are at home plinking with .22's or high up in a Cobra gunship guarding the CO/NM state line.


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