Meet Our New President, Paul Cobb!

22 May 2017 |

Paul D. Cobb is a retired police chief who served 32 years with the Pasadena Police Department promoting up through the ranks and serving in virtually all areas of that department, including the position of SWAT Commander, which he held for over 6 years.  

He is a Vietnam Veteran having served as a Cobra Helicopter Gunship Pilot until he was wounded in combat, requiring medical evacuation back to the US.  

After retirement from the police department, he continued his involvement in law enforcement working as a program manager in the Police Research Center at Sam Houston State University’s College of Criminal Justice for another 13 years.  

During this time, he continued providing assistance to criminal justice agencies all over the State of Texas until his retirement from the University at the end of March 2017, when he accepted his current position as our Corporate Manager and President.  

He is committed to customer delight  and insuring that our shooting range offers superior safety training and the best possible experience to all our guests.


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