To attend this class, we ask that you already have the fundamentals of shooting a rifle. This training session will help you develop skills to protect yourself, finish higher at a competition or just have a higher level of comfort owning a rifle. We will work shooting the rifle at various targets, work on recoil control with higher round counts, solving malfunctions, shooting on the move, and barricade shooting. Developing skills on the range with positive repetition will allow you to execute those skills subconscious under stress and allow your mind to focus on the task at hand.


- Working Carbine/AR-15

- Sling

- At Least 3 Magazines

- Magazine Pouch

- Cleaning/Lubrication Kit

- 200 - 250 Rounds Of Brass-Cased Ammunition

We have holsters, magazine pouches, and firearms available for rent starting at $20.00.

If you need loaner equipment, please let us know 72 hours before the class date so we can ensure we have the equipment you will need.

If you have any questions with regards to training, send them to for our Katy location.

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