This course will help you develop skills to protect yourself, finish higher at a competition or just have a higher level of comfort owning a handgun.  We will work driving the handgun to various targets, work on recoil control with higher round counts, solving malfunctions and most importantly drawing from the holster.  All situations whether self-defense or competition start with being able to draw a handgun efficiently and deliver a well-aimed first shot.  Developing skills on the range with positive repetition will allow you to execute those skills subconscious under stress and allow your mind to focus on the task at hand.

To attend this class, you must have completed PHASE 1, PHASE 2, and PHASE 3 of our Defensive Handgun training program or be approved by our Senior Instructor.

You are required to provide your own holster for this course. If you do not own a firearm, we have a wide variety to rent as well as ammo you can purchase.

If you have any questions with regards to training, send them to for our Katy location.

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