This class is designed to teach you the essential skills necessary to operate a handgun safely.  We will focus on firearm safety rules, mechanical features of the gun, and teach students the fundamental techniques critical to proper handgun employment.  This class includes both classroom and range-time training for one hour.  Handgun Essentials is ideal for first time handgun owners or someone looking for formal training to enhance their current skill level.  


This course includes Handgun Essentials and adds another one-hour handgun class.  Handgun Progression will start with a review of the fundamentals and add skills like malfunctions, trigger-reset, recoil management, and driving the handgun from target to target.  This course is great to ingrain the fundamentals of proven techniques with multiple range sessions.


If you want to learn how to open-carry or conceal a firearm, then this is the class for you.  Handgun Progression II is three one-hour lessons which include Essentials and Progression.  The third lesson will cover different styles of holsters and how to draw safely and efficiently.  We will start in the simulator, learning the proper technique, and then practice that skill on the range.  This course is ideal for CHL holders, civilians who own a handgun for home protection, or new competition shooters.


The Advanced Handgun Course builds on the skills taught in our Progression 2 class. Students will work on target transition, shooting multiple targets , one-handed weapon manipulation, and support-hand shooting. This class is excellent for shooters looking to increase their skill and knowledge base for both competition and self-defense.

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