Frequently Asked Questions (Katy)

A) You can shoot any caliber of gun from a .177 pellet to a .308Win.
A) Yes. We offer a Protect and Serve membership for all military, first responders and law enforcement.
A) Brass cased ammo only. NO armor piercing, NO incendiary, NO tracer rounds and NO black powder. Please notify range staff so they can accommodate you.
A) Yes. Many security companies use the range for their training facility. Prior arrangements and scheduling are required.
A) Yes. A limited amount of patterning is allowed for turkey and deer hunters. Please, lead buck-shot only.
A) As long as they can see over the shooters bench and are accompanied by a parent, most any age kids are welcome. We do ask that we make sure the parent knows what is going on. Blind should not lead the blind, especially when firearms are involved. Safety rules will be discussed with the parent and child. We must ask that only one child younger than 14 years old go into the range with the parent at any one time. Please don’t ask us to baby-sit the others left in the store area.