This class is designed to teach you the essential skills necessary to operate a carbine safely.  We will focus on firearm safety rules, mechanical features of the gun, and show students fundamental techniques that are critical to proper carbine employment.  Carbine Essentials includes classroom and range time instruction for one hour.  This course is ideal for the first time carbine owner or someone looking for formal training to build upon what they know.


This course includes Carbine Essentials and adds a second hour of training at a time that is convenient for you.  We will review the fundamentals and then add clearing malfunctions, driving the gun from target to target, and recoil management.  This class is ideal for anyone who wants to learn about the AR-15 platform for hunting, competition, or range shooting.



This course includes both of the previous carbine courses and adds on new skills such as magazine changes, switching shoulders, and stepping off the line of attack.  These skills will help evolve your proficiency and build your confidence with the carbine in three one-hour sessions.  


The Advanced Carbine Course builds on the skills taught in our Progression 2 class. Students will work on target transition, shooting multiple targets , transitions between a primary and secondary weapon, and support-side shooting. This class is excellent for shooters looking to increase their skill and knowledge base for both competition and self-defense.

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